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Xplore Lab

A technical prototyping platform for creativity and inventions

We provide rapid prototyping, advanced manufacturing, technical services for businesses, companies, entrepreneurs and makers to bring their ideas to life.




3D Printing 

3D printing s a process of making three dimensional solid objects from a digital file. Parts that are impossible to make by  any other way can be manufactured using 3D printing. Create an affordable model that accurately depicts the shape and feel of your product. This is particularly helpful for early idea user testing since it guarantees a more polished end result.

  • 3D printing technologies: FDM, SLA

  • Materials: PLA, ABS, PETG, TPU, PEEK, ULTIM

  • Size: Printing volume up to 50 cm



Advanced manufacturing & CNC milling 

We provide at our lab metal and wood CNC milling services for reliable and accurate manufacturing. You can transform your 3D CAD file to a real part that allows fast modification to test your prototype.

  • Technologies: 3 axis machine milling

  • Materials: Wood, Styrofoam, Wax, aluminum, PCB boards

  • Size: Up to 70*70 cm



Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is a widely used process to create fast prototypes and finished products. It is an ingenious machine for cutting and engraving different types of materials enabling precise and quick production.

  • Technology: CO2 laser cutter

  • Materials: Wood, Acrylic, leather, 

  • Size: Up to 50*30 cm

Computer Board


Electronics workbench

Our lab provides various of equipment and machinery for the purpose of making and testing and soldering electronic parts and microcontrollers based projects. Whether you need to print your own PCB or you need a ready-made microcontroller to program, all these options are viable.


Soldering stations as well as a large library of sensors, actuators, and other electronic components are available.



Vacuum Forming

When you want to quickly produce precise, inexpensive and versatile products, vacuum forming is unrivaled. This process of heating, stretching and evacuating a mold is one of the most popular ways to create many 3D objects. It is often the first choice for low-volume production of flat plastic parts such as containers or custom lids.

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