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Xplore Studio is a modern, creative space, that brings lots of tools, machinery, and resources in one place. Xplore will help the student to learn, entrepreneur to prototype, artisan to craft, researcher to test, factories to produce, and the general visitor to be wowed and amazed!

We aim at Xplore to be enablers, where high-tech can be easily accessible, and to bring alike minds together, to truly transform our community and visitors to the level that vision 2030 aspires to achieve.


To become the top and most advanced technological and manufacturing hub in Saudi Arabia.


We aim to become the most accessible state of the-art-lab for the general public and experts all alike, to empower people of all ages, and to enable them. We aim also to extract the dormant genius in each and in everyone of us.

Core Values




Our Key People

Adil holds a bachelor degree in Telecom Engineering from Prince Sultan University (PSU). He has been always passionate about digital fabrication to the level of skipping classes to pursue his hobbies. He has a cumulative experience of more than eight years, half of which in the education sector serving as at-school FabLab director and teacher

Adil Naeem

Operation Manager

Abdullah holds a bachelor degree in Civil and Architectural Engineering Technology from Murray State University (MSU). He started his career as a CAD designer back in ‘97. In 2013, he entered the world of digital fabrication, and thus combining his vast designing skills with the fabrication technologies hence materializing his digital designs.  He has a cumulative experience of more than seventeen years.

Abdullah Al-Toub

Head of Design

Ahmed holds a bachelor degree in Control and Instrumentation Systems Engineering from King Fahad University for Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM). He has been always into hands-on working and learning. He was invited to be an instructor for ARAMCO Summer Camp where he realized that his skills will go hand in hand with the what the digital fabrication is offering. He has a cumulative experience of more than four years in the industry.

Ahmed Alsamei

Operation Specialist

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